DAFNE by Egoitaliano

120Lx120Lx43Dx38H 3 PWR RECLINER

Dafne is an exquisite handmade Italian leather sofa. Its style is simply impeccable. Dafne was made to conquer your heart from the moment you see it to the moment you descend into its lofty leather cushions. This Italian leather sofa makes you feel as though no worry of the day will ever take away your peace of mind. Its optional recliner will make you forget any nuisance that you experienced during the day. Dafne’s headrest will provide you with clarity and help bring you into the present moment. This Italian leather sofa gets built with an exceptional attention to detail. The craftsmanship is second-to-none and every stitch is a work of art. Its dimensions vary, depending on the model you select for your beautiful home. Dafne also comes in a number of color combinations to perfectly compliment your current decor.