MARGARET by Egoitaliano

116Lx92Lx42Dx38 2 PWR RECLINER

Margaret is an exquisite high end Italian leather sofa crafted by Ego Italiano. Margaret’s cover comes in two variations – leather and microfiber. Although, neither cover is removable, you are provided with hundreds of colors to choose from. Margaret’s comfort level may be attributed to its padding on the seat cushions, armrests, lumbar support, backrest and headrest. The padding on these parts of the sofa is made of polyurethane foam in varying degrees of density. Furthermore, each of those parts is covered by a Dacron layer. Margaret may be ordered as a fixed model, which comes equipped with mechanical headrests, or as a ‘relax’ model, which comes with electric movements. The ‘relax’ model completely elevates this high end Italian leather sofa’s level of comfort by including recliner controls within Margaret’s armrests. If the model does not have armrests then practical touch sensor buttons will be placed on the side of its seat cushion.