Moma is an extremely elegant and stylish modern Italian sectional sofa. Its unique design makes it a standout in Estro Milano’s collection. Handmade in Italy, it is like nothing you have ever experienced before. Moma is available with an optional duel power recliner for the ultimate relaxation experience. This modern Italian sectional sofa comes with adjustable headrests to make you completely forget about all of the day’s pressures and stress. The sofa’s armrests act as dividers to provide additional space and a feeling of watching TV in a personal home theater. Furthermore, the armrests act as small storage compartments. However, you are not obligated to get just this type of model. Moma comes in a number of various configurations to seamlessly fit your home’s dimensions. Not to mention, this modern Italian sectional sofa is available in hundreds of different colors to beautifully compliment your home’s decor.

Moma – Modern Italian Sectional Sofa

Estro Milano knows that when it comes to modern Italian sectional sofas, design is everything. This is why they took their time when creating Moma. The craftsmen’s goal was not to simply create a beautiful sofa, but it was also extremely important to make it functional and customizable to the buyer. With this in mind, Estro Milano created options for you when purchasing your sofa. For instance, you may determine the firmness of your sofa’s foam at the time of purchase. When placing your order, you will be presented with three options for the sofa’s foam’s firmness. Options include regular, firm, or extra firm. In addition, you may choose to further increase Moma’s longevity by making a request for the no sag pocket spring construction on the seat cushions. This small customization to Moma’s structure will help increase its durability, as well as extend its life.

Moma is fabulous. This modern Italian sectional sofa’s unique design is sure to capture your eye, but it is its comfort that will win over your heart. Don’t miss your chance to take Moma home. Contact us today for more information on Moma or visit our showroom to view more of our modern Italian sectional sofa models.