SELFY by Egoitaliano

Selfy is not a typical Italian leather sofa. This modern Italian furniture piece is unique in style and comfort. Selfy is designed to perfectly cradle your body. Letting you feel as though you are sitting on a cloud with no worries in the world. Its dual power reclining option only propels this feeling further as you descend deeper into its tranquil soft leather and find yourself in perfect harmony with your environment. Given its unique design, Selfy does not come with an armrest. Instead it has a divider that allows you to set small objects on top. This is quite different from other sofas. Thus, giving another unique element to this modern Italian furniture’s design. Additionally, Selfy may be ordered in pieces to provide you with an opportunity to mismatch the colors of the entire set. This option helps when picking out furniture to seamlessly fit into a home’s current decor.